Darby Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Our namesake, Darby, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Darby Friends Meetinghouse (built 1805) sits on a two acre parcel of land in the middle of Darby Borough. a town of approx. 11,000 inhabitants.

Darby Meeting House
Interior Darby Friends Meeting

It was founded by 7 Quaker families in 1682, headed by John Blunston. They came mostly from Derby, England with William Penn.

The current Meetinghouse is the third, built when the congregation outgrew the others.. The other two meeting houses stood on the Burial Grounds, a 3 1/2 acre parcel two blocks away from the present Meetinghouse.

On the current Meetinghouse property are three buildings, the Schoolmasters house (now caretakers house), built 1791; The Meetinghouse (1805) and the Darby Free Library (organized 1743, building from 1872) . Originally the DFL was part of the Meeting, but as it outgrew the meeting and became a separate entity. It is the 2nd oldest library in continuous operation in the USA. The current Meetinghouse property was also the location till the 1950’s of Darby founder John Blunston’s Bakehouse (circa 1684).

Darby Free Libaray
John Blunston’s Bakehouse (circa 1684)

An early member of the meeting was botanist John Bartram. He was the first botanist in North America.

He and his son travelled America’s east coast cataloging and collecting new plant species, such as the Franklinia.


He is buried in the Darby Friends Burial Grounds.


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